New York Remi: Iconic Style The hair the celebrities and A-listers keep coming back for again and again

Simply put, this is the collection that has it all. Our Flagship New York Remi Collection is the ultimate in natural luxe combined with quality construction. innovation that puts it in a league of its own.


Exotic Elegance. Because you deserve it all.

When it comes to your hair extensions, we understand. You want it to be the right balance between ridiculously sexy and timelessly elegant. We select our hair accordingly and bring you global textures that will keep you right on point.


Authenticity Matters. A Celebration of a Life Spent Doing What We Love

For over 30 years our commitment to bringing you the highest quality hair extensions available anywhere, while celebrating our roots - it’s all about connecting you with the products you have come to trust.


Urban Life. Hair that is versatile.

All of our hair has date night appeal, you can totally go out at night with it… and then wear it to work in the morning, or take it flawlessly out around town any time of day.


Introducing Ariana Our Latest Elegant Style: Wigs between Weaves

At Hair Factory, we listen to our customers, and select our wigs with you in mind - from price-point, to texture and color and beyond.

Watch our "How To" Videos with Hair Factory Head Stylist and Celebrity Stylist Videos in our video library.

Lara is workin' it with our New York Remi Deep Curl!  Looking good Lara!

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